Real rome pizza-bar

“Kvadrat” is a roman cuisine brand #1 in Russia. It is focused on those who are bored with the standard fast-food but want to be served fast and get the top-restaurant food quality. Through a very collaborative effort we have helped Kvadrat owners to spread their service with the new website. It combines top-class design with unique e-commerce platform approach.
What we did
It is always hard to present something new on the market, especially highly competitive HORECA one. Our team had focused on a hard task – to tell “the old story” in a new way and involve people to make a purchase. The project was started from the serious research of existing platform for HORECA to better understand what was and wasn’t working on the market. In several weeks we had aligned main design and business goals that were put into the new design concept. Starting from scratch our team had made a clear site UI/UX structure and responsive design with Retina support; custom coding for WordPress CMS; and provide other related services.
“Kvadrat” roman pizza bar was a task for those who dare to launch new things on the market. Thanks to Basov Design UI system users can easily navigate through the site and make the one-click order. This task was essential for owners and users that now meet each other. Get the best, get it quickly, get it now!